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Hydrogel "Fish", set of 20 PCs.

Not available Hydrogel "Fish", set of 20 PCs.
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Growing gel - these are special granules that absorb water. Multi-colored balls of gel can be used as a spectacular decoration element, for this it is enough to place them in transparent bowls and vases. However, the main use of the gel is associated with flowers and plants. A gel that absorbs and holds water, and then gradually gives it away, is great for cut flowers. It can be used for indoor plants instead of ordinary soil, as well as added to the ground in order to avoid both excessive dryness and excessive moisture. It can sprout seeds. Bright and multi-colored, but most importantly - functional and convenient to use, this gel can be used in every home.

The figures inside are growing toys.

Color Colorful
Country China
In box set
Material Gel
Package size 23 cm × 38 cm
Per package from 1 set
Set Yes
Structure Gel
Theme of the party For no reason
Warehouse CVU 3

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