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Games with glasses

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A drunken game of spin the Bottle, roulette, d=30 cm, 16 shot glasses, mix

The game “Drunk Bottle” is suitable for any company, it will amuse everyone, liberate and bring a l..


Alcoholic game "Drunk like monkeys", 18+.

A fun game for a very fun company. Be careful! This game is in danger of being the best event at the..


Drunk game "ALCO-Vegas", roulette black d=29 cm, 16 stacks, mix

The unusual game “Drunk Roulette” will make any meeting with friends even more memorable and fun! B..


Drunk game of "Drinko", 6 stacks, 26x28 cm.

An exciting board game Drinko - a great way to diversify your meetings with friends. A simple and f..


The game "Drunk basketball", 6 stacks, 30x22 cm.

To win such a game, you need to demonstrate not only sleight of hand, but also the body's resistanc..


The game "Drunk bingo", 6 stacks, 22x19x19 cm, mix.

The game "Alcohol Lotto" is a drum with multi-colored balls inside and 6 shot glasses matching the ..


The game "Drunk fishing" boat 30x16 cm, 6 stacks.

Great fun for avid anglers. Included are not only fish and fishing rods, but also glasses of flowe..


The game "Drunk chess", 32 shot glasses, a field of 25x25 cm, mix

With this original game, you want to win more and more, and the desire to sacrifice your pieces is ..


Алкогольная игра «Вы уху ели?», 18+

Прошу прощения, вы уху ели?Намечается вечеринка с друзьями? Тогда вам точно нужно захватить с собой ..


Алкогольная игра «Смешивать, но не взбалтывать», 18+

Смешивать можно, взбалтывать — нет!Сегодня вам предстоит попробовать самые невероятные и головокружи..


Games with glasses