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100 great cars in the world. Bondarenko V.

The most beautiful and most expensive, most popular and most favorite, rarest and most innovative, w..


1000 cult cars. 2nd edition

Gift publication about a thousand cult vehicles that turned the history of the auto industry. The bo..


500 famous historical events. Karnatsevich V.

In order to understand the present and foresee the future, you need to know the past. Therefore, we ..


A man with an ax: absolute mercilessness to himself. Kochergin A.

A book that cannot be forgotten. A man with an ax is a hero of Russian streets and a family defender..


A real man - who is he? Grigoryeva T.

This book contains practical advice of men - men. But in order to understand their men, the collecti..


A set of cards. Defenders of Russia. Demonstration pictures, conversations, handouts, bookmarks

A set of demonstration materials “Defenders of Russia” is dedicated to outstanding Russian commander..


About Russian valor and glory. Alekseev S.

Sergey Petrovich Alekseev (1922–2008) - a famous children's writer, laureate of the State Prize and ..


Admiral Makarov. At sea - means at home! Sotnikov O.

The name of Admiral Makarov went down in the history of the Russian fleet. He was the first to use m..



more than 150 aircraft models: the history of their creation and evolution from the beginning of avi..


Aircraft and aviation. Elena Kachur

How do planes fly? What is aerodynamics? What aircraft are the oldest? What is the aircraft designer..


Aircraft and other aircraft. Encyclopedia. West d.

This encyclopedia talk about how a person’s dream to rise into the air was embodied in reality. Read..


Aircraft, Maria J. Gomez

What is the famous “Flying Monk”? Are there floating airports? How were the airships used for milita..


Alexander Nevskiy. The ice battle and other exploits of the invincible prince. Shambarov V.E.

Alexander Nevsky is one of the favorite folk heroes of our history. When ancient Russia fell under t..


Alexander Nevskiy. Vasiliev B.

The novel “Alexander Nevsky” of the outstanding writer Boris Vasiliev (1924-2013) tells of the life ..


Barbarossa. Miniatures. Pikul V.S.

Barbarossa is the last novel of the wonderful and popularly beloved writer Valentin Pikul, who is th..


Barbarossa. Pikul V.

Stalingrad is not just a city on the Volga, a symbol of our victory. This is also the main military-..


Battle for Manchuria. 1900-1945 Runov V.A.

The book is devoted to events related to the struggle of the largest states of the Far Eastern regio..


Battle of Kursk: View through the lens. Zamulin V.N.

After seven decades, the Battle of Kursk continues to attract attention. The battle that unfolded in..


Be a man. Modern masculinity without violence, dominance and fear. Martin Robinson

Is it time to figure out what men do men? In this frank and honest book, Martin Robinson, the journa..


Big Encyclopedia. Cars. Mertnikov A. G.

This large encyclopedia is devoted to the amazingly diverse world of cars - the graceful “jaguar”, t..


Big Encyclopedia. Orders, medals and award signs of Russia. Gusev I.E.

Orders, medals, award signs - this is the history of the country captured in metal. After all, it is..


Big Encyclopedia. Weapons of the world. Mernikov A. G., Prokazov B. b.

This large encyclopedia is devoted to military affairs and its most important component - weapons th..


Bushido. The military canon of the samurai with comments. Tsunetomo Ya.

The first samurai appeared in Japan back in the 7th century. There was time, the foundations of the ..


Car and road rules. Malov Vladimir Igorevich

with the book of Vladimir Igorevich Malov “Car and Rules of the Road” you will make a fascinating jo..


Cars, ships, planes. Likso V.V.

If you like to help dad in the garage with a repair of the car since childhood, and films about airp..


Cars. From horse force to supercar. Flysner Bernd

Discover the frantic rhythm of the world of cars! A self-propelled carriage, a bicycle, an electric ..


Combat equipment and weapons. Likso V. in.

Everyone knows well that weapons and military equipment are an integral component of any army in th..


Domestic heroic stories. Abaza K.

The book talks about the most important events of Russian military history that took place for a mil..


Emperors of Russia. Chulkov G.I.

Georgy Ivanovich Chulkov (1879-1939)-a famous prose writer, poet and literary critic of the Silver A..


Encyclopedia "Universe and Cosmos"

Our planet is surrounded by distant and mysterious cosmos, in which many exciting phenomena occurs. ..


Encyclopedia of ships and boats. Peneitsyn L.

For thousands of years, people conquer the water element. Over time, rafts and boats hollowed from t..


Famous planes. PEGOV M.

Since ancient times, man dreamed of flying above the ground, but only at the beginning of the last c..


Fatherland. Courage. Loyalty. J.A. Prygunov

The book is intended for a wide range of readers. He talks about love for Russia, about exploits and..


For his own. About the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 (cover). Prokazov B.B.

In this war, Russia has embarked on the only faithful brothers not for earthly reasons, but at the c..


Full encyclopedia "Commander -in -law of Russia." Schoolboy Yu. K.

To love the homeland means to love its story. To be proud of your people means to know his great son..


Gagarin. The amazing story of the first flight. Clement V.

April 12, 1961, not only the citizens of our country, but the people of the whole globe celebrated t..


Great battles. Boyko O.

This book will be interesting to all lovers of military history. On its pages you will find informat..