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Hat pirate "the pirate Queen", PP. 56-58

Hat pirate "the pirate Queen", PP. 56-58
  • $23.35

Are you planning a carnival or a theme party and want to transform into a thunderstorm of the seas, a fearless and indomitable captain, or maybe. to assemble a whole team? Carnival hat pirate "the pirate Queen", PP. 56-58 will be a great addition to your look. The costume of the dashing sea robber consists of many details: here you have a blindfold, a hook instead of a hand, and a parrot on your shoulder, because these guys collect only the most memorable accessories. But whatever you choose to create the image of your character, the hat remains a key detail of the image, the highlight that makes it complete.

The accessory is made of thick fabric, decorated with a contrasting border and an original inscription. The unique design of the hat will make you irresistible, just like this should be a real pirate!

Color Black
Country China
For anyone For women
In box Count
Material Textiles
Package size 20 cm × 49 cm × 9 cm
Per package from 10 Count
SK WB. 2009027190204
Structure Textiles
Trademark Country Carnival
View hats Pirate
Warehouse CVU 2

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