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Guardian-house "Exclusive heart", a MIX 43x30x23 cm.

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Each little house is unique and has its own meaning and meaning. Brownies and charms are made of natural materials and using old technologies. To create them use materials such as wood, burlap, sisal, flowers, seeds and other decorative elements. All these materials in a special combination bring success, prosperity, love, prosperity, both in the home and office premises.

Often a brownie is found with the following items :.

  • The broom, directed downwards, sweeps out quarrels from the hut, directed upwards - towards the money.
  • Bast shoes symbolize home comfort, family happiness.
  • Sacking, sack - abundance and prosperity.
  • Horseshoe - with its ends up it protects the house from evil forces, with its ends down - it attracts prosperity and prosperity.
  • Spoon - Rakes good into the house.
  • House, hut - unity and strength of the family.
  • Garlic - drives away evil spirits.
  • Cereals, legumes - a symbol of prosperity, well-fed life.
  • Coin - success in business.
Color Green
Country Russia
Height, cm 43
In box Count
Material Straw
Package size 13 cm × 22 cm × 40 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Rosscup Yes
Set No
Shape of the figure Guardian
Structure Textiles, plywood
Themes Protecting your home and family
View Charms-figurines
Warehouse CVU 1

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