Grill pan 24x24 cm, with a removable handle, without a lid.

Grill pan 24x24 cm, with a removable handle, without a lid.
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No matter what new items are added to the shelves, cast-iron dishes will always be out of competition.

The pan is made of natural material without unnecessary chemical compounds. When heated, does not emit any toxic substances. Such dishes are equally suitable for use on any stove and in the oven (provided there are no wooden handles).

As you know, porous cast iron heats up quite slowly, but it keeps heat evenly and for a long time. Massive products are great for dishes that require a long heat treatment and the effect of "languishing." The proposed models have phenomenal wear resistance: they do not deform and do not scratch during long-term operation.

Technical specifications:.

  • Bottom thickness: 4 mm.
  • Wall thickness: 3.5 mm.
  • Wall height: 4 cm.
  • Type of stove: gas, electric, ceramic, induction.
  • Use in the oven: yes (with the handle removed).

At first use :.

  • rinse dishes well and dry thoroughly;.
  • grease clean, dry dishes with vegetable oil;.
  • calcine upside down in the oven for 1-2 hours at a temperature of about + 200 degrees Celsius (with the handle removed).

Cast iron cookware is heat-resistant and is not afraid of overheating, does not deform over time, with prolonged use, cast iron is gradually saturated with oil and acquires useful qualities: a natural non-stick layer forms on the inner surface of the product (the effect of “grandma’s pan”).

There are a number of general rules for the care of “eternal” dishes.

  • When cleaning cast iron dishes, do not use hard brushes and abrasive detergents, otherwise the “non-stick” oil coating will disappear.
  • Wash cast iron utensils with hot water using a soft sponge (do not use a scrubber).
  • If the dishes are very dirty, you can use ordinary baking soda when washing and cleaning.
  • Be sure to wipe the dishes dry after each wash.
  • Loading cast iron into the dishwasher is not recommended.
Capsule bottomNo
Caspian goodsСковороды
Diameter, cm24
FeatureInduction cooker
In boxCount
MaterialCast iron
Package size49 cm × 27.5 cm × 4.3 cm
Per packagefrom 1 Count
Plate typeFor electric cooker
Removable handleYes
StructureCast iron
Type of coverageNo cover
View pansGrill pan
WarehouseCVU 4

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