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Grain from rodents MR. MOUSE 40 gr / 60.

Grain from rodents MR. MOUSE 40 gr / 60.
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Many people face the problem of rats and other pests that can cause a lot of problems. They spoil your furniture, eat food supplies and just annoy with their appearance.

Do rodents constantly annoy you? Are you tired of fighting them? Remedy from Mr. Mouse will surely save your home from pests !.

Mode of application.

Place the product in a tray (10–20 g from mice and 30–50 g from gray and black rats). Place containers with bait in previously identified rodent habitats: close to their holes, along travel routes, along walls and partitions.

Observe the distance between the points of the layout, it should be 2‒10 m, depending on the clutter of the premises and the number of rodents.

Inspect for 1–2 days, replenish as you eat. When the bait is dirty, replace it with a new one. Carry out work on catching rodents up to their complete disappearance.


  • active substance: bromadiolone;.
  • corrugated box volume: 0.005 m³;.
  • corrugated box weight: 2 kg.
Country Russia
In box Count
Kind of funds Grain
Package size 4 cm × 6 cm × 1 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Rosscup Yes
Scope of From rodents
SK WB. 6901474310005
Structure See packaging
Trademark MR. MOUSE
Warehouse CVU 5
xml-generator-id 31

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