Gel-mask for weight loss Ice wrap Professional 200 ml.

Not available Gel-mask for weight loss Ice wrap Professional 200 ml.
  • Brand: Floresan
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A special tool gel mask "Ice Wrap" is intended for body modeling and quick "instant" lifting. Due to the high concentration of menthol and peppermint essential oil, the effect of sharp and prolonged cooling of the skin is achieved. The result is a powerful drainage outflow of fluid and slag from the blood and lymph vessels of the subcutaneous fat layer.

A complex of minerals and seaweed extract nourishes the skin in problem areas with micro and macro elements. Regular use of the “Ice Wrap” procedure will ensure effective weight loss, reduce puffiness and sagging of the skin, and make its surface even and smooth.

Method of application: apply a gel mask on previously well-cleansed moist skin of the body in the area of ​​problem areas with a dense layer and leave for 20-30 minutes. Then rinse off the residue with hot water and rub the skin well with a massage towel. The procedure is recommended 1-2 times a week. Suitable for both individual independent use, and for professional use in beauty salons.

Country Russia
In box Count
Package size 18 cm × 4 cm × 7 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Rosscup Yes
Structure See packaging
Temp. limit NOT LOWER than ℃ Zero
Trademark Floresan
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Volume, ml 200

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