Game theater-impromptu grown-up "Alice"

Not available Game theater-impromptu grown-up "Alice"
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Having fun, revealing.

enjoy a passionate fairy tale! Immerse yourself in the world of your secret desires, making them a wonderful performance !.

Once in the Land of Fetish, Alice had to face her various piquant inhabitants, and she coped with every situation simply brilliantly! See for yourself.

Getting started !.

All you need is to get together a fun company and distribute roles. Let everyone choose a character to their taste, taking a special badge with a name. The rules are simple: the presenter reads the text of the tale, and all participants carefully monitor the narration and repeat exactly what the presenter voices. Everything is so simple that you cannot describe it in a fairy tale with a pen !.

  • candid tale;.
  • 5 badges of heroes;.
  • tape.
Tale of secret desires!
Age 18 years
Country China
Game time 40 minutes
Genre of the game Communication
In box set
Media gallery Without media
Number of players And 6 more
Package size 21.3 cm × 29 cm × 0.5 cm
Per package from 1 set
Reason for the game Adult holiday
Structure Paper, cardboard, textiles
Trademark LAS GAMES
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Warehouse CVU 1

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