Game on the occasion of the "Georgian toast"

Game on the occasion of the "Georgian toast"
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Wah! What a toast !.

What toasts do we remember first? Of course, Georgian! After all, this is the most hospitable people of the Caucasus, and Georgians toasts praise courage, courage, family and friendship. But most importantly - they have a share of humor. So let’s drink so that this set is useful to you at every feast !.

High-high in the mountains.

the inhabitants of the Caucasus sat and invented toasts. And we have collected in this set the best of their creations! Each toast is written on a separate leaflet. They are very convenient to take with you on any occasion. But that's not all. We have prepared for you 6 luxurious mustaches! Oh why, and Georgians are famous for their mustache. Also in the envelope you will find 4 games for a fun company in which this mustache is useful to you. Bonus! Everyone is welcomed with Georgian jokes inside the envelope !.

In the set :.
  • 10 Georgian toasts;.
  • 6 mustache;.
  • 4 games for the company.
Hot toasts from the hot peoples of the Caucasus!
Age 18 years
Country China
Game time 30 minutes
Genre of the game Communication
In box Count
Number of players 4 - 6 players
Package size 12.2 cm × 7.2 cm × 1.3 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Reason for the game Birthday
Structure Paper, cardboard
Trademark LAS GAMES
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Warehouse Kiu 11

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