Game for holiday "Alcoholic tale man"

Not available Game for holiday "Alcoholic tale man"
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Take a walk, soul !.

Oh, a Russian feast, drunk and tasty! Pour, sing, do not forget to eat! Well, to make the holiday a success, we suggest that you add a little fabulous atmosphere to it. Open this set for the holiday, and the fun will not take long! Here is a fairy tale with an alcoholic plot, but with which one you will find out for yourself.

Once upon a time, eat, drink.

All you need is to get together a fun company and distribute roles. Let everyone choose a role to their taste, taking a special badge with a name. The rules are simple: the presenter reads the text of the tale, and all participants carefully monitor the narration and repeat exactly what the presenter voices. A specific action is written next to the role of each character. Its participants perform as soon as they hear their fabulous name. That's all!.

In the set :.
  • alcoholic tale;.
  • Participants' medals: Storyteller, Peasant, Delirium squirrel, Jumping beer, Vodka pilot, Cognac - from the stove bryak, Cucumber pickle.
Oh, not a game, but just a fairy tale!
Age 18 years
Country China
Game time 40 minutes
Genre of the game Communication
In box Count
Media gallery Without media
Number of players And 6 more
Package size 12.2 cm × 7.2 cm × 1.3 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Reason for the game February 23
Structure Paper, cardboard
Trademark LAS GAMES
Type Game
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Warehouse Kiu 11

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