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Game communication "Provocateur"

Not available Game communication "Provocateur"
  • Brand: LAS GAMES
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We provoke each other on the basis of the game “Pravdaa ?!” How well do you know.

Myself, friends, colleagues and what they think of you! A provocative game will help you find out and more. Intriguing, isn't it. ?!.

Or maybe I do not want to know anything ?.

Yeah, already frowned and thoughtful, what if the truth will not be so attractive? Do not worry, there are no offensive and terrible questions in the game that would hurt you to the core and there are 2 rounds in it that can be played one after another or even used as rules for two different games.

I wonder what kind of rounds ?.

The first round, the players draw a card, read out what is written on it and, by a closed vote, decide who is most suitable for what is written out of those present. The first round will allow you to learn about yourself a lot of new and unexpected !.

The second round, one of the players is the presenter, he reads the card, and then writes the answer on a piece of paper, the other participants should answer the same question, but not on their own, but assume that the presenter wrote. The second round will help provoke others to be frank.

What's in the box?.

7 cards of players (different colors).

140 double-sided cards with questions (280 questions).

84 voting cards.

21 cards for bets (estimates).

The rules of the game, detailed and at the same time easy.

Interesting revelations interesting game!
Age 18 years
Country China
Game time 20 minutes
Genre of the game Communication
In box Count
Media gallery Without media
Number of players 4 - 6 players
Package size 17 cm × 11.5 cm × 5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Reason for the game Adult holiday
SK WB. 2000516847043
Structure Paper, cardboard
Trademark LAS GAMES
Warehouse Kiu 11

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