Game alcohol to the festival "the Tsar-Bukhari", the tale

Game alcohol to the festival "the Tsar-Bukhari", the tale
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Take a walk, soul !.

In a drunken kingdom, in a loose state, there lived a Tsar Bukhara. And how much he loved to have fun! Yes, so. What? Here open the kit, and you will find out! We will only tell you that all the roles in this fairy tale are funny, perky, active and athletic! And we were there, we drank honey beer and we killed everyone with laughter.

Have fun, honest people !.

All you need is to get together a fun company and distribute roles. Let everyone choose a character to their taste, taking a special badge with a name. The rules are simple: the presenter reads the text of the tale, and all participants carefully monitor the narration and repeat exactly what the presenter voices. A specific action is written next to the role of each character. Its participants perform as soon as they hear their fabulous name. That's all!.

In the set :.
  • alcoholic tale;.
  • Participants' medals: Bukhar Tsar, Healthy Sodder, Temptress Maiden, Dumbass Bird, Beauty Daughter, Honest People, Beater Frog.
Oh, not a game, but just a fairy tale!
Age18 years
Game time15 minutes
Genre of the gameAlcoholic
In boxCount
Media galleryWithout media
Number of playersAnd 6 more
Package size12.2 cm × 7.2 cm × 1.3 cm
Per packagefrom 1 Count
Reason for the gameAdult holiday
TrademarkLAS GAMES
WarehouseKiu 11

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