Funny stained glass window "Snail".

Funny stained glass window
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The stained glass picture "Snail" will help you realize your creative idea and create a pattern worthy of the largest window. A funny snail will appeal not only to young children, but also to an older audience. The composition fits perfectly on any surface - a mirror, plastic or wood. After drying, the material does not wash off and does not begin to peel off.

The special consistency allows you to use any tool - from a pipette and sticks to brushes and syringes. With proper processing of the finished stained-glass window, the paint will forever retain a saturated color and clear lines, so that over the years you will compare your works.

As part of the kit, customers will find a large stencil painting, plastic eyes and 5 stained glass colors.

Secrets of the masters of stained glass painting.

  • Combine different colors and use thinners to get the desired consistency or effect.
  • Consider the transparency of the stained-glass paint and the background color, so that the result looks like you intended.
  • When working with a mirror, remember that it distorts color: shades become an order of magnitude darker.
  • Use new materials for the base. Experiments can be performed with glass and wood, textured surfaces or curved shapes.
  • Learn to make work lasting. Various fixatives and varnishes help with this, which bring the final gloss.
Appointment Stained-glass
Barcode on the item Yes
Brush No
Color MIX
Country Russia
Euro slot Yes
In box set
In the set pieces. 6
Number of colors 5
Packing A cardboard box
Per package from 1 set
Set Yes
Structure See packaging
Temperature limitation No
Trademark Луч
Volume, ml 5
Warehouse CVU 3

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