Fruit wax for depilation Deep Depil, with natural honey, 350 ml.

Not available Fruit wax for depilation Deep Depil, with natural honey, 350 ml.
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For a modern lady, hair removal is an integral part of personal care and a mandatory hygiene procedure. Deep Depil fruit wax for depilation is based on ancient traditions. It allows you to delicately and gently do this procedure even on sensitive areas of the body - on the face, armpits, bikini line.

Warm water-soluble wax can be used for professional and home care. It is simple, convenient and economical. Remains of wax are easily washed off with water, and the effect of smoothness of the skin lasts up to 4 weeks.

Wax also has a peeling effect. Natural honey in the composition of the medium moisturizes and softens the skin in the depilation zone, prevents irritation and ingrown hair under the skin. With each procedure, the hair becomes thinner, and the procedure itself is completely painless.

Instructions for use :.

  • Preheat the wax to a liquid consistency. For depilation at home, this can be done in a water bath or in a microwave. The temperature of the preheated product should be 38 ° C.
  • Apply the product in a thin layer on the depilation area in the direction of hair growth, then lay a non-woven strip, press firmly and remove sharply against hair growth.
  • Remove any wax residue from the skin with warm water.
  • Water-soluble wax is easy to wash, so you can reuse strips.
  • Caution: overheated wax can cause burns! Wax for external use only. Keep out of the reach of children.

    Do not perform depilation after bath, sauna and immediately after visiting the solarium or chemical peeling. After removal, it is not recommended to sunbathe for 24 hours.

    The kit includes: a jar of wax 350 g, an anatomical spatula, ten reusable non-woven strips, instructions for use.

    Country Russia
    In box Count
    Package size 11 cm × 9 cm × 10 cm
    Per package from 1 Count
    Rosscup Yes
    Scope of Body
    Structure See packaging
    Temp. limit NOT LOWER than ℃ Zero
    Trademark Floresan
    Types of wax В банке
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    Weight, g Volume, ml 350

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