Foot balm Triple effect against dryness, microcracks and fatigue 150 ml.

Not available Foot balm Triple effect against dryness, microcracks and fatigue 150 ml.
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The skin of the legs becomes dry, rough with age, corns and microcracks form on the feet, and the legs get tired and swollen. Triple Effect Foot Balm is designed to care for dry, cracked, and rough, hard skin of the feet. The strength of healing herbs, vitamins A, E and panthenol determines the effect of natural balm, which acts gently, continuously, without side effects. The natural collection of herbs is designed in such a way that the plants enhance each other's action. Coltsfoot helps restore cracked areas of the skin, provides an optimal balance of skin hydration, juniper improves blood circulation, regulates skin metabolism, calendula stimulates regeneration processes, helps maintain skin firmness and elasticity, camelina seed oil rejuvenates, nourishes and increases resistance to aggressive external factors.

The balm gives an apparent triple effect by the strength of the active components - deeply nourishes and softens the skin, preventing the formation of microcracks, improves the elasticity of skin tissues, relieves fatigue, while maintaining a long-term sense of comfort.

Method of application: massage balm into the skin of the feet, paying special attention to coarsened areas of the feet and heels. Use 2 times a day. For best effect, apply after using Liquid Pumice Scrub.
Country Russia
In box Count
Package size 15 cm × 4 cm × 8 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Rosscup Yes
Structure See packaging
Temp. limit NOT LOWER than ℃ Zero
Trademark Floresan
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Weight, g Volume, ml 150

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