Foil balloon 29 "Mignon Dave.

Not available Foil balloon 29
  • Brand: Flexmetal
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To turn even the most ordinary day into a holiday, a little magic, a drop of a smile and a small balloon are enough! But one balloon is good, and two is even better: twice as many smiles, laughter, joy , wonderful mood lasts twice longer. Surprise the kid by making him such an unexpected but pleasant surprise. Colorful, with your favorite cartoon characters, these balls will please the baby, cause a smile and laughter !.

Such surprises can be arranged even without a reason. Congratulations baby these balls and with a holiday, with a good mark at school, with the beginning of any time of the year - with anything! The peanut will be delighted, and for parents there is no greater happiness than a sincere smile of a child.

Color Yellow
Country Испания
Diameter, inch 29
Form of a ball Figure
In box Count
License Yes
Nadawca ball Helium
Package size 90 cm × 90 cm × 0.2 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Foil
Subject of the drawing Children's
Trademark Flexmetal
Warehouse CVU 2

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