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Flower stand d = 19 cm "Stella-9", white silver.

Not available Flower stand d = 19 cm
  • Brand: ZMI
  • Product Code: 192495
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  • $126.81

Beautifully decorated apartment is a real art. Even the darkest interior can revive the plants. Flowers are a wonderful element of the decor of any home. They refresh the look, create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, bring tangible benefits: they purify the air, fill the rooms with a wonderful floral aroma.

But where to put them ?.

For such an important family member it is necessary to choose a special place. Floor flower stands are affordable luxury that accentuates your sophisticated taste and sense of style. The choice of material for such things should be approached with great attention.

Steel supports differ :.

  • high reliability.
  • long service life.
  • variety of forms.

Graceful curls, noble colors and flowing lines perfectly fit into any interior and emphasize it favorably. The special design will withstand even the heaviest pot.

What else?.

  • If desired, the stand can be easily repainted in any color or add additional accessories: bright ribbons, unusual jewelry, beads - all this gives a unique appearance and reflects the character of the owners.
  • You will undoubtedly be pleased with the compact dimensions: the stand will not take up much space, it will easily fit into any free corner.
  • A high stand will create the effect of a vertical flowerbed or an unusual flower wall. With this little trick, you can mask a pipe or corner, add rich colors and revitalize your environment.
  • You can use the stand on the balcony or in the country.

Flower stand - the choice of practical and fashionable housewives who care about the optimal ratio of price, quality and functionality.

Color White
Country Russia
In box Count
Material Metal
Package size 55 cm × 55 cm × 175 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Steel
Trademark ZMI
Warehouse CVU 4
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