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Flower pot with a pallet of 2 l, d = 20 cm "Bali", color white.

Not available Flower pot with a pallet of 2 l, d = 20 cm
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  • Brand: InGreen
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Any, even the most modern and thoughtful interior will not be complete without plants. They not only purify the air and saturate it with oxygen, but also noticeably decorate the surrounding space. Such a useful “family member” simply needs a beautiful and functional flower pot, an original pot or an unusual vase! We offer a flower pot !.

The best choice of material is plastic! Why do we think so?

  • Light weight. Easily carry pots and flowerpots from place to place, put them on tables or shelves, hang them under the ceiling without worrying about the load.
  • Ease of care. Plastic products do not need special storage conditions. They are easy to clean - just rinse with warm water.
  • No scratches. Plastic flower pots do not scratch and do not contaminate the surfaces on which they stand.
  • Plastic keeps moisture longer, which means the plant needs less watering.
  • Plastic does not allow air to pass through - the plant’s root system is not exposed to sudden changes in temperature.
  • A huge selection of shapes, decor and colors - you can easily pick up something that fits perfectly into an existing interior.

Observing the simple rules of care, you can significantly extend the life of pots, flowerpots and flowerpots made of plastic :.

  • always consider the size of the crown and the root system of the plant (when growing, a large plant can damage a small pot);
  • Protect the product from direct sunlight so that the pots and pots do not fade;
  • keep plastic pots and pots away from heating surfaces.

Create beautiful flower arrangements, grow seedlings or unusual plants, and low prices will allow you not to limit yourself in your choice.

Can be left outside in winter No
Capacity, l 2
Color White
Country Russia
Diameter, cm 20
Figure No
In box Count
Material Plastic
Of planters Table
Package size 20 cm × 20 cm × 15.3 cm
Pallet Yes
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Plastic
Trademark InGreen
Warehouse CVU 4

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