Figurine "Traumatologist and patient."

Not available Figurine
  • Brand: Antartidee
  • Product Code: 100697
  • Availability: Not available
  • $124.84

Since childhood, you are afraid of doctors and you cannot force yourself to go to the hospital, even when it is really necessary? Place a wonderful statuette at home, and after a while you simply forget about all your fears, because when we laugh at what we fear, it ceases to scare us. The original Antartidee traumatologist and patient statuette will delight not only people in white coats, but also everyone who has a great sense of humor and knows a lot about stylish gizmos.

Surround yourself with pleasant and funny little things, because it is they who lift our mood every day and make the surrounding space even more beautiful, cozy and harmonious!

Coating No cover
Color Colorful
Country Italy
Height, cm 18
In box Count
Material Marble chips
Package size 21 cm × 23 cm × 18 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Shape of the figure Male
Structure Marmorin
Trademark Antartidee

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