Figurine "Snowboarder".

  • Brand: Antartidee
  • Product Code: 100916
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  • $113.13

If you have a great sense of humor and love bright and stylish gizmos, the Snowboarder figurine will surely appeal to you. The original figure of a dashing athlete, energy and optimism in which, it seems, literally splashes over the edge, can lift the mood of anyone, because when you look at it it is difficult to resist a smile.

If you decorate your house with it, soon there will surely appear new Antartidee brand figures depicting funny and charismatic character characters: doctors, hairdressers, bakers, because each of them was created in order to give positive emotions, which means to make ours the world is brighter and kinder.

Coating No cover
Color Colorful
Country Италия
Height, cm 21
In box Count
Material Marble chips
Package size 18 cm × 23 cm × 21 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Shape of the figure Male
Structure Марморин
Trademark Antartidee

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