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Figures for the designer Ausini, the Pirates series, MIX.

Not available Figures for the designer Ausini, the Pirates series, MIX.
  • Brand: Ausini
  • Product Code: 186589
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  • $4.95

Yo ho ho.

Does the boy love pirate stories? With the figures of corsairs of the Ausini trademark, the child’s game stories will be replenished with new bright characters. The collection includes skeleton sailors, captains of pirate ships, captured civilians and the most formidable sea robbers.

Now the child will play many exciting scenarios, go in search of treasures and make an amazing voyage around the world.

  • The characters are made of high quality plastic.
  • Compatible with Ausini, Brick, Sluban, Cogo, Lego, Peizhi, Jie Star and Unicon kits. Combine, fantasize and create new !.

For children over 6 years old.

Age 6 years
Country China
For anyone For a boy
In box Count
Material Plastic
Package size 3 cm × 1 cm × 4.5 cm
Per package from 48 Count
Short Neum Pirates
Structure Plastic
Theme designer Pirates
Trademark Ausini
Warehouse CVU 2
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