Figure decoy "Resting goose bean goose" polucarpus

-11% Not available Figure decoy "Resting goose bean goose" polucarpus
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What is needed for a successful bird hunt? Here you can not do without the "bait": use decoy stuffed animal. Just place it in a bird’s natural habitat, such as water or grass, and apply decoy.

Remember to take care of the disguise. Realistic decoy plus wind decoy - and a successful hunt is provided.

Color Colorful
Country Russia
Floor Male
Height, cm 31
In box Count
Kind of bait Goose
Material Plastic
Package size 55 cm × 34 cm × 31 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Rosscup Yes
Shape of the figure Stuffed
Structure Plastic
Warehouse Kiu 10
Можно оставлять зимой на улице No

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