Felt-tip pens 18 colors Color’Peps Ocean, washable, Euro-suspension.

Felt-tip pens 18 colors Color’Peps Ocean, washable, Euro-suspension.
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Why are children so fond of drawing with felt-tip pens? Young artists are attracted not only by the endless craving for creativity, but also by practicality and ergonomics when using writing instruments.

Unlike pencils, felt-tip pens do not need sharpening and do not require effort to create bright lines. They have an advantage over paints in that the images are immediately clear, and the color saturation is in no way inferior to gouache.

Simplicity, creating beauty in the blink of an eye, is what really attracts little creators !.

How to choose a suitable felt-tip pen? Several aspects need to be considered at once: the type of ink (water or alcohol base), the type of tip (plastic or synthetic fibers, thick or thin), the type of body (polystyrene or polypropylene), and even the cap (large or small).

Felt-tip pens of 18 colors Color'Peps Ocean, washable, Euro-suspension is an excellent choice for creating mini-masterpieces at a mini-cost. A high-quality product will direct the entire creative potential of the child in the right direction.

Barcode on the item Yes
Cap from a felt tip pen Ventilated
Color MIX
Country China
Euro slot Yes
Features Washable
In box set
In the set pieces. 18
Material Plastic
Number of colors 18
Packing PVC package
Per package from 1 set
Set Yes
Structure Plastic
Trademark Maped
Warehouse CVU 3

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