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Fantastic stories. Salomatov A.V.

Fantastic stories. Salomatov A.V.
  • Brand: Samovar
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Thinking about how to instill in your child a love of reading? The recipe is simple: take a publication with beautiful pictures, an exciting story and cute heroes.

Fantastic stories. Salomatov A.V. is an excellent option for those parents who are accustomed to surround their baby only with the best and high-quality things. For such a book, your child will spend time with benefit and pleasure, learn a lot of new and interesting things.

Age 6 years
author Salomatov Andrey Vasilyevich
Country Russia
In box Count
Number of pages 112
Package size 20 cm × 1 cm × 15 cm
Per package from 20 Count
Set No
Structure Paper, cardboard
Trademark Samovar
Type cover Hardcover
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Warehouse CVU 2
Year 2016

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