Engraving of "Sailing", metallic effect gold 15 x 21 cm

Engraving of "Sailing", metallic effect gold 15 x 21 cm
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Engraving of "Sailing", metallic effect gold 15 x 21 cm - a wonderful and original gift that will appeal to every lover of creativity !.

To create an incredibly beautiful engraving, it is enough to scratch the outlined contours of the drawing with a special tool - a caliber. Both children and adults will be happy to scrape off the top layer of the engraving with the contours of the future painting, under which there is a sparkling foil - it is so exciting! And, of course, you will be especially pleased with the variety of colors of the topcoat in this wonderful series.

What is useful ?.

When working with a set, the child develops fine motor skills and coordination of movements, such important qualities as perseverance, accuracy and attentiveness are formed. The kid will train his hand for writing in front of the school, because the ability to draw precise lines will certainly be useful to him in the classroom.

It is included in the kit?.

  • engraving sheet.
  • convenient shtihel.

Enjoy the magical moments of creativity with our sets!

Age 6 years
Country China
Features prints With metallic finish "gold"
For anyone For a boy
In box set
Package size 0.5 cm × 26 cm × 15.3 cm
Per package from 20 set
Prints Prints-paintings
Structure Paper, plastic
Trademark School of talents
Warehouse CVU 2

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