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Electroviz quiz "Little Professor".

Electroviz quiz
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The quiz will introduce the child to the natural sciences, to the basic concepts of physics, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy and biology. Young prodigy learns a lot of new and interesting things about great scientists and their discoveries.

What is an electric quiz ?.

An electric quiz is a popular developing game in which players look for the right answer to a question using special safe wires that transmit current. The correct answers are accompanied by sound and light signals, which also allows kids with hearing impairments to take part in the game. For the correct answers, participants receive tokens, which motivates them to play even better !.

For whom?.

For children 6-10 years old.

What is useful ?.

With the help of cognitive games, the child will learn to think, compare objects, analyze, reason and make decisions independently. The game develops logical, figurative thinking, attentiveness, concentration in children, and also broadens their horizons.

The set consists of 10 exciting cards with 20 tasks of various subjects :.

  • Find items in the chemistry lab.
  • Where do they use chemical elements ?.
  • Find items in the physics lab.
  • Find the matching items.
  • Where did the cultivated plants come from ?.
  • What are the parts of plants called ?.
  • Find the contours of objects.
  • Find fragments of the picture.
  • Find the objects of a modern laboratory.
  • Compose whole molecules.
  • Find objects at the observatory.
  • Find items matching each other.
  • Find the zodiac constellations.
  • Find items in the spaceship.
  • What helped people in agriculture ?.
  • Pick their fruits to the flowers of plants.
  • What animals did the zoologist draw ?.
  • Find the animals from the pictures.
  • Find the animals and compare them in length.
  • Find the animals and compare them by weight.

Also included in the kit: board, light-sound module with batteries, 112 tokens, instructions.

The quiz runs on 2 LR43 batteries. The kit includes demo batteries.

All sets of cards for the electric quiz from TM “Bustard Media” are suitable for the game:

Age 6 years
Country Russia
Genre of the game Quiz
In box Count
Number of players 1 - 8
Package size 28 cm × 28 cm × 5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Skills development Memory
Structure Cardboard, plastic
Warehouse CVU 2

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