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Drunk game "ALCO-Vegas", roulette black d=29 cm, 16 stacks, mix

Drunk game "ALCO-Vegas", roulette black d=29 cm, 16 stacks, mix
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The unusual game “Drunk Roulette” will make any meeting with friends even more memorable and fun! Before starting the game, fill the glasses with a strong drink, then spin the roulette in turn. As soon as the ball falls on the number, you need to drink that glass, in the interval of numbers of which there is a dropped number. For fun, some glasses can also be filled with plain water.

Gambling is extremely exciting and not at all illegal if the money is replaced with something more interesting, for example, your favorite drink. The game will help relieve stress, take a break from tedious workdays and have a great time.

The kit includes: tape measure, 2 metal balls, 16 glasses. The set is sold in packaging.

Age 18 years
Color Black
Country China
Genre of the game Alcoholic
In box set
Material Glass
Number of players And 6 more
Package size 4 cm × 29 cm × 29 cm
Per package from 1 set
Rosscup Yes
Structure Plastic, glass
Theme of the party For no reason
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