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Designer "Air Police", 76 parts.

Not available Designer
  • Brand: Brick
  • Product Code: 407973
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  • $13.20

Included is a cardboard box, parts, instructions. It is delivered in a dismantled form. An additional service for completing the constructor is + 5% of the price.

The designer is one of the most beloved and popular at all times toys for children of all ages. By constructing, the baby creates new wonderful things with his own hands and makes him feel adult, and he also develops logical thinking, creativity, fine motor skills, imagination and the ability to concentrate.

Brick constructors allow you to build various types of cars (trailer, truck, tractor, bulldozer, SUV), buildings (small house, trailer), aircraft (military and civilian) and even military equipment (tank, self-propelled guns). Parts are made of high-quality plastic, securely fastened together and disassembled without much difficulty. Some elements have abrasion resistant patterns. Designer parts are compatible with designers Ausini, Sluban, Cogo, Lego, Peizhi.

Age 6 years
Country China
For anyone For a boy
In box Count
Material Plastic
Number of elements 76
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Plastic
Theme designer Police
Trademark Brick
Warehouse CVU 2

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