Delivery Information



Due to the coronavirus, parcels delivery can be delayed. Delays can last up to 2 months or longer.
Make an order only if you are ready to wait in case of lateness!

We guarantee delivery of all parcels or a full refund in case of loss.


Please note that delivery is calculated from 1 kg. For example, if you bought goods weighing 500 grams from us, you can add one or more goods weighing up to 499 grams to your purchase and their delivery will cost you nothing.
Thus, to make your purchases even more profitable, we recommend add products to shopping cart to the full kilogram. Shipping weight of your order you can see on shoppping cart page.

Delivery Options

All products are shipped  with tracking number. After getting cleared payment we will ship in 5-15 business days (varied by shipping method).

Small package:

Carrier: Russian Post
Delivery type: Airmail
Delivery time: 14-35 days
Handling time: 10-15 days
Price: 15$ - 19$ / per kg. (depend by country)
Weight: 0 - 2 kg.

Air parcel:

Carrier: Russian Post
Delivery type: Airmail
Delivery time: 25-35 days
Handling time: 10-14 days
Price: 25$ - 50$ / per kg. (depend by country)
Weight: 2 - 21 kg.
Minimum order amount: 350$

Ground parcel:

Carrier:Russian Post
Delivery type: Ground mail
Delivery time: 30-60 days
Handling time: 10-15 days
Price: 15$ - 20$ / per kg. (depend by country)
Weight: 2 - 21 kg.

EMS (Express Delivery) - by request:

Carrier: Russian Post Express
Delivery type: Courier delivery door-to-door
Delivery time: 5-15 days
Handling time: 1-2 days
Price: 25$ - 50$ / per kg. (depend by country)
Weight: 0 - 31 kg.
NOTE: If your parcel exceeds the limit of free customs entry into your country, most likely you will have to come in person for your parcel and pay all necessary customs duties.



If your parcel not arrive for a long time (more than 45 days for airmail and more than 75 days for ground mail) please send to request with your order details. After it we will start search procedure.
If package was not found within 30 days, you will receive a full refund or a new order (by your choice).
Customer responsible for TAX, VATs, customs fee, duties and any other additional payment and/or fee in his country.
Delivery times are based on working days and are approximate only. No liability is accepted for late delivery.
Delivery times may vary according to custome laws and rules in your country, weather, road conditions and seasonal overload such as Christmas.

We use next variants of packaging:

Big Box

425 х 265 х 380 mm

Medium Box

425 х 265 х 190 mm

Small Box

220 х 165 х 100 mm


Many sizes. Maximum weight 2 kg