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Cover for products d=21 cm, MIX color

Cover for products d=21 cm, MIX color
  • Brand: Dolyana
  • Product Code: 148361
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  • $22.62

Not all products require refrigerated storage. Many vegetables and fruits, sweets and pastries, we blithely leave on the table, believing that nothing will happen to them.

At the same time, we forget about insects - carriers of infection, which strive to profit from someone else's food, while harming our health. To deprive them of such an opportunity, get a lid for Komilfo products.

The product has several advantages :.

  • protects food from insects and foreign bodies;
  • does not interfere with the free flow of air;.
  • conveniently removed thanks to a special handle.

In addition, everyone will like the bright color. Let the house become more colors, and the results of labor do not disappear in vain!

Color MIX
Country China
Diameter, cm 21
In box Count
Material Metal
Package size 21 cm × 21 cm × 6.5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Set No
Structure Metal, plastic
Trademark Dolyana
Warehouse CVU 4
xml-generator-id 41

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