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Controller for garlands UMS "Light rain", LED to 4,000 N. T. 5W, 8 modes

Not available Controller for garlands UMS "Light rain", LED to 4,000 N. T. 5W, 8 modes
  • $12.38

Modern manufacturers of garlands are trying to give maximum freedom of creativity to their customers. The choice of shapes, colors and sizes is huge now, but the masters decided not to stop there. Now you can also not worry about the length of the garland, do not look for the right one, but create it yourself using the so-called UMS - a universal mounting system. It allows you to combine several garlands into a single circuit, connect them to the controller and manage them as one.

The controller is another necessary acquisition, if your choice has fallen on garlands with the possibility of combining. This small device is both a power supply and a remote control. You can connect a circuit up to 4000 LEDs with such dynamics to such a controller, and then select one of 8 operating modes - glow, radiance, attenuation, waves or a mix of all programs at once.

Color of thread garland Dark
Connection type UMS
Country China
Filament material PVC
Form of a garland Light rain
In box Count
Mode of operation garland Is set by the controller
Necessary equipment Controller
Number of bulbs 4000
Number of cores 5
Number of cores 5
Number of modes 8
Per package from 1 Count
Series SPEC
Structure Metal, plastic
Theme of the party New year
Trademark Luazon Lighting
Type of food 220 V
View of peripheral Controller
Warehouse CVU 7

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