Bathroom & Toilet Equipment

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"Nikiforov" coupling, 1/2 ", internal thread, brass.

The coupling will reliably connect pipes to each other, preventing breakages and leaks. It has an in..


3/4 "General Fittings End Cap.

The cork end cap is installed so that the seat is inside the part. This 3/4 in. Small piece fixes a ..


A set of gaskets for the mixer and domestic plumbing "Plumber-4", more than 200 pcs.

A set of gaskets is necessary in plumbing work. Thanks to the durable material, reliable bonding and..


A set of plumbing rings for American women 1/2 ", 3/4", 1 ", 2 pcs.

This set will be a reliable handy in plumbing work. It includes rubber gaskets that provide a durabl..


A set of replaceable cartridges for complex water purification K-4, to a stationary filter.

Even the most durable and reliable filter requires regular maintenance. To continue to serve faithfu..


A set of replaceable cartridges for the filter "Aquaphor" K3-KN-K7, filtering.

A set of Aquaphor plug-in modules will provide you with clean and fresh water for the whole year. Ca..


A set of replaceable modules for the water purifier "Aquaphor" K3-K2-K7, filtering.

Replaceable Aquaphor modules deeply purify water from chlorine, organic compounds and other impuriti..


A set of sanitary gaskets for water and gas 3/8 ", 2 pcs.

The gasket will help to create a strong connection in the siphon during its installation and repair...


Bathroom & Toilet Equipment