Conditioner against snails "Aquacons" for aquarium water 50 ml.

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Air conditioning against snails "AQUACONS" is designed to create and maintain a safe, healthy environment in the aquarium. Quickly and reliably relieves snails, hydras, flatworms and leeches in freshwater aquariums.

Method of application: shake before use! Turn off the biofilter and ensure aeration of the water in the aquarium. Do not feed fish while processing! The pH of the aquarium water should be above 7.0.

To get rid of snails, make conditioner in the aquarium at the rate of 5 ml of the agent for every 75 l of aquarium water. Snails die within a few hours after making the conditioner. Dead snails must be removed from the aquarium and replaced 1/2 volume of water. Then insert the activated carbon filter, and after a day connect the biological filter. From this time, you can begin to feed the fish.

The effectiveness of the product is reduced in aquariums with a high content of organic compounds and calcium in water. Therefore, to obtain the proper effect, it is recommended to replace 1/2 the volume of aquarium water before applying the air conditioner.

To get rid of hydra, flatworms and leeches, you need to add 5 ml of conditioner for every 100 liters of aquarium water for 3 days in a row.

After the end of the period of use, it is recommended to replace up to 1/2 the volume of water in the aquarium. At the indicated concentrations, the conditioner is safe for most fish and aquarium plants.

Not recommended for use in aquariums with catfish, bobs, loaches and barbs.

Exceeding the above concentration is not allowed !.

Attention! Use air conditioners only for their intended purpose, in strict accordance with the instructions. Keep them out of the reach of children, in a dark, cool place, away from food. Do not smoke or eat while working with air conditioners. If the product gets on your skin, wash it with running water.

Country Russia
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Temp. limit NOT LOWER than ℃ +1
Temp. the limitation is NOT HIGHER ℃ +30
Trademark Зоомир
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