Conditioner against algae "Aquacons" for aquarium water 50 ml.

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The Aquacons anti-algae conditioner for aquarium water 50 ml is designed to inhibit algae growth in freshwater aquariums.

Mode of application:.

  • Before processing, clean the surface of the aquarium from algae using a scraper, sponge, etc.
  • If possible, clean the aquarium water from the suspension of these algae using an aquarium filter with suitable filter material, such as a fine-pore sponge or activated carbon.
  • Then filter media should be replaced.
  • After the mechanical cleaning of the aquarium, it is necessary to determine the amount of water in it, taking into account the volume occupied by soil, plants, decorative elements, equipment, etc., and calculate the required amount of air conditioning.
  • Shake the contents of the vial before use !.
  • Add 5 ml of conditioner to every 50 l of aquarium water. After making the conditioner, mix the water in the aquarium carefully.
  • The effect of the conditioner will be detected after 1-4 weeks, depending on the type of algae and the composition of the water.
  • Remove dead algae mechanically as described above.
  • After using the air conditioner, it is recommended to replace up to 50% of the volume of water in the aquarium.
  • If necessary, repeat the procedure after 10 days.
  • Exceeding the specified dose of the conditioner is not allowed.
  • Recommendations for use :.

    • Recommended amount safe for fish and aquarium plants.
    • It is not recommended for use in aquariums, in which, in addition to fish, shrimp or shellfish live. If necessary, temporarily move them to another aquarium.
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