Conditioner - Anthlor "Aquacons" for aquarium water 50 ml.

Not available Conditioner - Anthlor
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The Aquacons air conditioner is used to quickly launch an aquarium. The product removes aggressive chlorine and its compounds from tap water, neutralizes salts of heavy metals and creates a safe environment in a new fish house.

Processing eliminates damage to the mucous membrane and gills of pets.

Mode of application:.

  • Check the chlorine content with a special test indicator (sold separately).
  • Prepare a solution at the rate of 5 ml of conditioner per 50 liters of water. Use a pipette or syringe to measure the exact volume. Three times the dose is allowed.
  • Pour the product into a glass vessel with 200-300 ml of settled water. Stir and gradually pour the liquid into the aquarium for 30 minutes. Circulate and aerate the water.
  • The recommended amount of air conditioning is safe for fish, crops and other aquarium inhabitants.

    Precautionary measures.

    • Use only for its intended purpose and in strict accordance with the instructions.
    • Do not smoke or eat food while using the product.
    • Keep out of the reach of children, in a dark, cool place and away from food.
    • In case of contact with skin, rinse with running water.

    The properties of the air conditioner are preserved after freezing and thawing. At low temperatures, precipitation is likely. To dissolve it, warm the product to room temperature and shake vigorously.

    Country Russia
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    Per package from 10 Count
    Rosscup Yes
    Structure See packaging
    Temp. limit NOT LOWER than ℃ +1
    Temp. the limitation is NOT HIGHER ℃ +30
    Trademark Зоомир
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