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Compass in a wooden box "sun"

Compass in a wooden box "sun"
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Compass in a wooden box "sun" is not just a device that helps you navigate the terrain. This is a wonderful souvenir and a great gift for an avid traveler, fisherman, hunter or collector.

The composition is made of shishim wood, which grows in India and is highly appreciated by artisans, because it lends itself well to fine decorative carvings and inlaid with metal. In this case, brass is used.

Indian craftsmen created each element manually, so you will not find an absolutely identical compass. A truly unique product!

Country India
In box Count
Package size 7.5 cm × 7 cm × 4.5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Tree, brass, glass
Type of Magnetic
Warehouse CVU 7
xml-generator-id 41

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