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Coffee grinder with handle "Coffee beans", colour dark wood

Coffee grinder with handle "Coffee beans", colour dark wood
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A traditional tool should be in the kitchen for anyone who loves delicious and aromatic coffee. Experts say that it is a hand-made product that can preserve the best qualities of grains during the grinding process. Why?.

There are two important reasons for using a manual coffee grinder:

  • unlike the electrical analogue, it is impossible to burn grains in it, which means to give them bitterness;.
  • due to the absence of overheating, essential oils are already released during the cooking process, and not during grinding.

What else is this item good for ?.

  • an elegant combination of wood and ceramics allows you to bring a touch of originality to the interior;.
  • ergonomic handle makes the grinding process simple and enjoyable;.
  • Ready coffee is easily removed.

In a few minutes, you will prepare the basis for the drink and get tremendous pleasure from the process. Discover coffee from a new perspective!

Color White
Country China
In box Count
Material Stainless steel
Package size 17.5 cm × 15 cm × 11 cm
Per package from 1 Count
SK WB. 2000133560059
Structure Tree, ceramics, stainless steel
Warehouse CVU 4
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