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Clothes dryer ceiling, 7 lines 2 m "Liana".

Not available Clothes dryer ceiling, 7 lines 2 m
  • Brand: LAKMET
  • Product Code: 181723
  • Availability: Not available
  • $49.14

How often did you ask yourself where in the house to dry bedding and clothes? Hang the whole bath? Take a balcony? In a confined space, Liana dryers from the manufacturer LAKMET will be a real salvation !.

Mistresses around the world have already managed to appreciate their quality and ease of construction. Your time has come! Thanks to the original system, the drying beams easily rise and fall to the height you need: you no longer have to stand on a rickety stool or climb onto a table. Do you want to attach the Liana dryer to a ceiling or wall? Convenient mounts allow you to cope with this task quickly and effortlessly !.

The benefits are obvious:

  • each beam can withstand up to 2.5 kg of weight;.
  • convenient design and easy installation;.
  • saving free space in the house;.
  • allows you to freely arrange a large amount of linen;.
  • quick drying due to warm currents circulating under the ceiling.

The dryer includes :.

  • plastic brackets with rollers (attached to the ceiling), 2 pcs.;.
  • metal rods d = 12 mm (suspended horizontally), 5 pcs.;.
  • fixing bracket (attached at any convenient place on the wall), 1 pc.

Let every wash be a joy !.

The photo shows a product model with 5 lines. In fact there are 7 of them.

Caspian goods laundry dryer
Color White
Country Russia
In box Count
Material Metal
Mounts included No
Package size 10 cm × 200 cm × 7 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Trademark LAKMET
Type Ceiling
Warehouse CVU 4
Working length, m 14
xml-generator-id 3

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