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Cauldron 7 l, with a lid and non-stick coating.

Cauldron 7 l, with a lid and non-stick coating.
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A cauldron of 7 l, with a lid and non-stick coating from the Alita trademark, will become an indispensable assistant in any culinary endeavors. High quality and low price attract the attention of consumers across the country.


A cauldron of 7 l, with a lid and a non-stick coating, is made by manual casting in a chill mold. The difference between this method and others is that the filling of the mold with a liquid alloy and its solidification occur only under the influence of gravity. This gives the dishes longevity and strength, it does not deform even with frequent use.

High durability of the non-stick coating, as well as safety for health is ensured thanks to the special technology for preparing the surface of the dishes. We add to this the high quality of the Ladoflon coating itself and get reliable products from the Russian supplier.

Non-stick coating "Ladoflon" :.

  • has heat resistance up to 260 ° C (inert, like platinum);.
  • possesses chemical and biochemical resistance;.
  • with an average thickness of 30-35 microns, a maximum of 50 microns;.
  • does not contain hazardous to health perfluorooctanoic acid;.
  • immune to aggressive environments and temperature influences.


  • Thickened bottom (6 mm) and walls (3.5 mm).
  • The product is not deformed.
  • Aluminum provides high thermal conductivity.
  • You can use the dishes both on the stove and in the oven (without plastic fittings).
  • Energy saving: after warming up under the dishes, it is enough to maintain a low fire.
  • Minimum oil consumption.

What is the peculiarity of the material ?.

Cast aluminum evenly distributes heat over the entire surface of the dishes. Your products undergo the “languishing” procedure: they are prepared with the preservation of all useful qualities. Food in such dishes will not burn or boil, and even the most ordinary dumplings will seem tastier.

Good appetite!

Capacity, l 7
Caspian goods Cauldrons
Color Black
Country Russia
Cover Yes
Cover material Aluminium
Diameter, cm 40
In box Count
Material Cast aluminum
Package size 39 cm × 33 cm × 13.5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Plate type For electric cooker
Removable handle No
Structure Cast aluminum, the non-stick coating
Suitable for use on fire Yes
Trademark Alita
Type of coverage Non-stick
Warehouse CVU 4
xml-generator-id 3

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