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Casket Antique heart.

Not available Casket Antique heart.
  • Brand: Stilars
  • Product Code: 133031
  • Availability: Not available
  • $36.84

I would like to hide the most expensive and memorable little things in such a box, reminiscent of happy days, fateful events and beloved people. A spacious brass box from the world famous Italian brand Stilars will become a spectacular decoration of the interior and a wonderful gift for one that has a great taste and sense of style. Simple and elegant, with a spectacular embossed floral pattern and the effect of aging, this box will undoubtedly become a noticeable touch in the interior of the room and make the space of the house even more beautiful, cozy and harmonious. If you like it, you can order it on our website with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Coating Blue
Color Copper
Country Italy
Form Heart
In box Count
Package size 7 cm × 8.5 cm × 2 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Set No
Structure Brass
Theme of the party March 8
Themes Flower and vegetable
Trademark Stilars
View Metal
Warehouse CVU 8

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