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Carnival tie "Serpentine", set of 6 PCs

Not available Carnival tie "Serpentine", set of 6 PCs
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An accessory to create an unforgettable party !.

Plastic tie - it sounds unusual, but it looks great! Carnival tie "Serpentine", set of 6 PCs will set you apart from the crowd at any holiday. A unique accessory without further ado will let everyone know who the king of the party is. And if you are looking for a gift to your eccentric friend, then this attribute is simply irreplaceable. The tie is attached with a soft elastic, which means it is suitable for a person of any age and complexion. For the baby, this will be a special addition to the costume, in which he feels completely adult. To make any image festive and memorable, one accessory is enough !.

Material: plastic.

Tie length: 30 cm.

Accessory Tie
Color Colorful
Country China
In box set
Material Plastic
Package size 14 cm × 30 cm
Per package from 1 set
Structure Plastic
Trademark Country Carnival
Warehouse CVU 2

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