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Carnival hat mechanical Smile

Not available Carnival hat mechanical Smile
  • $22.36

What is New Year without a festive cap? Such an accessory will certainly create a magical atmosphere and will set you and others around you in the right way. However, not every hat-cap can sing and “dance” !.

Carnival hat mechanical Smile is made of dense textiles and endowed with additional “hilarious” functions: fun New Year’s music and catchy “character”! Give your relatives and friends positive and vivid emotions on the snowy holidays of the New Year.

Color Red
Country China
In box Count
Material Textiles
Package size 20 cm × 54 cm
Per package from 1 Count
SK WB. 2004083663259
Structure Textiles
Symbol of the year There is no symbol of the year
Theme of the party New year
Trademark Country Carnival
View hats Christmas
Warehouse CVU 2

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