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Card game "Mafia. Lux", large cards.

Card game
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“Mafia” is a fascinating psychological game with a detective story, where participants learn to feel and understand each other, try to predict the actions of rivals and act.

For whom?.

For children from 14 years old.

The essence of the game ?.

Respectable residents confront criminals. The goal of each team is to survive! Before the start of the game, the roles that the participants will play are distributed. The task of civilians is to calculate the mafia, and the second team should play so that no one realizes that its members are violators of the law.

What is useful ?.

It promotes the development of students' inventiveness, observation, analytical skills and communication skills. It will also be interesting for adults! The game gives participants the opportunity to try different models of behavior in conflict situations and acquire negotiation skills that will become more successful with each new game !.

It is included in the kit?.

  • Leading card - 1 pc.,.
  • card "commissioner" - 1 pc.,.
  • Mafia card - 3 pcs.,.
  • card "mistress" - 1 pc.,.
  • card "doctor" - 1 pc.,.
  • card "maniac" - 1 pc.,.
  • card "civilian" - 12 pcs.;.
  • rules of the game.
Age From 14 years
Country Russia
Genre of the game Mafia
In box Count
Number of players 6 - 16
Number of players And 6 more
Package size 14 cm × 8 cm × 3 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Cardboard
Trademark Boring games
Warehouse CVU 2

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