Car "Fire", light and sound effects, shoots water

Car "Fire", light and sound effects, shoots water
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Become a real hero.

For a boy who wants to become an experienced lifeguard, the Fire truck will be the best gift. With a toy, the kid will be happy to be carried away by an important mission and learn a lot of new things.

Functional features.

The machine is equipped with a fire hose and shoots with water like a real special equipment: to do this, pour liquid into a container located inside the toy and press the button.

A retractable fire escape is capable of changing the angle of inclination, the baby will be able to adjust its position itself, as will be planned according to the game scenario.

Bright light and sound effects will make the fire truck even more realistic. The technique reproduces the sound of a siren, and flashing beacons are lit on the roof of the car.

Additional characteristics.

  • The length of the stairs in the extended position is 31 cm, in the assembled - 19 cm.
  • The fire truck runs on 3 AA batteries, not included.
  • This product is intended for children over 6 years old.
Additional features Sound effects
Age 3 years
Color Red
Country China
For anyone For a boy
In box Count
Material Plastic
Movement type Self-propelled
Number of batteries 3
Package size 24 cm × 7 cm × 9 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Purpose of the transport Fire protection
Size batteries AA
Structure Plastic
Transport Ground
Transport Truck
Type of food From batteries
Warehouse CVU 2

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