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Antifragility. How to capitalize on the chaos. Nassim N. T.

"Antifragility" is a unique book: it tells about the key property of people, systems and more, a pro..


Black Swan. Under the sign of unpredictability. 2nd ed., Add. Taleb N.

Over the last decade alone, mankind has experienced a series of severe disasters, shocks and catacly..


Magical cleaning. The Japanese art of putting things in order at home and in life. Kondo M.

She was a strange child and instead of children’s games she was engaged in. cleaning. In high school..


Thinking Man. Risking my own skin. The hidden asymmetry of everyday life. Taleb.

In his new, sharply provocative and at the same time extremely pragmatic book, the inimitable Nichol..


Business Books