Board game "What? Where? When?".

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“Attention, question!” - this legendary phrase is familiar to almost everyone in our country. Together with the sound of spinning the top, it is associated with a club of experts. Together with the board game “What?” Where? When? ”The famous program will descend from the blue screens and will be at your place. Become a member of the elite club, answer the questions of "viewers" and check your erudition.

For whom?.

For 3–7 players from 12 years old.

The essence of the game.

Everything is almost the same as in the telecast of the same name. Lay out cards with questions of "viewers" and spin the top. After it stops, the facilitator reads out the assignment of the round, and all participants begin to discuss the answer. After the hourglass expires, one of the experts voices the general solution to the question. If the answer is correct, then the winning point passes to the participants, otherwise - to the “viewers”. This game differs from the television game by an element of randomness: the correct answer may not be counted, it will need to be clarified or the points for it may double. A team of connoisseurs wins the “viewers” ​​if they gain 6 victory points.

What is useful ?.

Develops logical thinking, quick wit, resourcefulness, reaction, and also broadens one's horizons and vocabulary.

It is included in the kit?.
  • playing field;.
  • spinning top;.
  • 110 cards with questions;.
  • hourglass;.
  • plastic chip;.
  • D6 cube;.
  • regulations.
Age 12 years
Country Russia
Genre of the game Quiz
In box Count
License No
Number of players 3 - 7
Per package from 1 Count
Structure Cardboard, plastic
Trademark Звезда
Warehouse CVU 2

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