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Blanket all-weather, synthetic "Adamas", size 172x205 ± 5 cm, MIX color.

Not available Blanket all-weather, synthetic
  • Brand: Adamas
  • Product Code: 190133
  • Availability: Not available
  • $49.62

The Adamas blanket is safety, comfort and economy. The synthetic filler of the product retained all the properties of natural fluff and feather and acquired new useful qualities. So, it prevents the appearance and reproduction of harmful bacteria and insects, and therefore is ideal for allergy sufferers.

At the same time, the filler, unlike its predecessor, is less whimsical to care for and is able to withstand a greater number of washings, maintaining its previous shape.

The product has all the necessary quality certificates. It will be a great gift for family and friends.

Recommendations for the care of the product: Machine wash can be used at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, moderate washing. Do not iron. Drying in a drum dryer is not allowed. Do not bleach with chlorine-releasing agents.

Color MIX
Country Russia
Density of the filler, g/m2 300
Fabric Polyester
Fabric composition Polyester
Filler material Mikrofayber
In box Count
Package size 172 cm × 205 cm × 2 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Season All-season
Set No
Size 2 bedroom
Size, cm 172 x 205
Structure Polyester, synthetic fiber
Trademark Adamas
Upper material Polyester
Warehouse CVU 3

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