Medical Cosmetics

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"Igrel eye", taurine 50 mg, 30 tablets.

Reception "Igrel" has a general tonic effect on the body: helps to protect liver cells. improve the ..


Bambolina Baby Body Oil, 250 ml.

It is made on the basis of mineral oil with the addition of plant extracts and olive oil. The produc..


Cedar oil, 60 capsules of 300 mg each.

Cedar oil, 60 capsules of 300 mg. combines therapeutic and cosmetic ingredients that have a benefici..


Foundation BB cream "Sashel", 30 ml.

Foundation sachel BB cream, 30 ml fills the skin with vital energy, eliminates dryness and peeling. ..


Gift set of tea and honey.

The set can be presented to close people for any holiday - it certainly will not leave the recipient..


Medical Cosmetics