Body Sculpting Products

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Activator cream for reducing belly and waist fat deposits. Chocolate with orange.

Activator cream speeds up the burning of local fat deposits and helps get rid of extra centimeters i..


Active cream mask for weight loss "Chocolate Wrap", 500 ml.

Chocolate has extraordinary moisturizing, antioxidant and tonic properties. The active cream-mask fo..


Algae-silt gel-elastic Fitness Body, for tightening the skin and reduce stretch marks, 500 ml.

Elastic gel is a jelly from the bottom sludge of freshwater lakes and structural components of the ..


Anti-cellulite cream Compliment Slim Effect with caffeine, 200 ml.

Caffeine-based Compliment anti-cellulite cream tones muscles, supports skin in a firm and elastic st..


Anti-cellulite wrap, modeling, 140 g.

Anti-cellulite wrap DNC will reduce the amount of fat deposits and adjust their structure. And also ..


Biteks massage cream "Bath-sauna", anti-cellulite, 200 ml.

Structure:. Aqua (Water). Paraf fi num Liquidum, Cetearyl, Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Ethyflhexyl lsonon..


Body cream "Beauty Desserts" anti-cellulite "Gingerbread", 220 ml.

Intensive anti-cellulite cream “Gingerbread” will make the body more harmonious, and the skin - elas..


Body cream "Folk recipes" anti-cellulite, modeling, 155 ml.

Body cream "Folk recipes" anti-cellulite and modeling restores blood microcirculation in problem are..


Body cream Anti-cellulite "bold zebra", shimmering, 250 ml.

Whether and use the anti-cellulite cafe with caffeine, which will have a pronounced effect on proble..


Body wrap “Cream-clay Folk recipes” anti-cellulite, 120g.

Anti-cellulite slimming wrap on green clay and Kamchatka thermal mud effectively breaks down subcuta..


Compliment body chocolate wrap, 475 ml.

Compliment Body Chocolate Wrap is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry, oily and mature s..


Compliment body wrap, hot honey, 475 ml.

Hot Compliment Body Honey Wrap restores metabolism and cleanses the body of toxins. It also reduces ..


Cream-active for cellulite 125 ml.

The cream performs several functions at the same time: it fights the visible signs of cellulite and..


Cream-laser for the body Fitness Model anti-cellulite, 200 ml.

Fitness Model Body Laser Cream is specially designed to combat pronounced cellulite. The cream provi..


Cream-mask Complent Slim & Detox "Fat Burning", for intensive weight loss, 200 ml.

Use Compliment Slim & Detox Cream Mask "Fat Burning" for intensive weight loss. The tool displays to..


Cream-massage anti-cellulite drainage Professional 200 ml.

Massage of problem areas of the body is the most effective procedure in the fight against the manif..


Fitness Model Body Fat Burner Instant Weight Loss, Nightly, 200 ml.

Fitness Model Butter Fat Burner provides active slimming while you sleep. The tool starts the proces..


Fitness Model express body mask clay anti-cellulite, 250 ml.

Fitness Model Express Body Mask acts like a myostimulation procedure: smoothes cellulite and makes t..


Body Sculpting Products